Catholic Schools Week Catholic Schools Week is a national celebration of Catholic education and an opportunity to recognize the importance, the value, and the contributions of Catholic education to the Church and the world. Catholic Schools Week is sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA).


The CSW 2021- 2024 theme is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” Catholic schools have a specific purpose to form students to be good citizens of the world, love God and neighbor and enrich society with the leaven of the gospel and by example of faith.

We know that our community looks forward to many of our events of expressing gratitude to local businesses and our open house.  This year, we will have a host of school activities that include our in person and virtual students! We want to extend a special invite to our alumni, to follow us on social media and re-experience all those warm reminiscent feelings. This will be a prime opportunity to connect with the St. Benedict Community, connect with a new friend or become reacquainted. 


The celebration begins Sunday, January 31 with virtual mass!  Other activities throughout the week include; a “souper bowl”, pajama day and future career day.  Each day is themed to celebrate either the community, students, nation, various vocations, faculty and staff. We conclude the week with Saturday, celebrating families by spending time with and reflecting on what makes them special to us.  We know that this week will enhance camaraderie and create lifelong memories. 


Find your class in the pictures below!  Make sure to show your families your favorite parts of the class! Show them your desk, even where you and some of your friends sit. Be sure to tell them why you love being here (in person or virtually) everyday!



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