St. Walter - St. Benedict School Unification
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Letter from Your Principal:


Thank you for your emails of prayers, concern and support as the announcement of school unification was shared.  It is best to think of this unification as a brand new school. Even though we will be repurposing the buildings, the St. Walter-St. Benedict School will be a new entity.  This does mean that it will need to be staffed (with priority given to current staff from both sites that apply for positions) and that curriculum, specials, etc. will be determined by the administration.  


We will host various town hall meetings, which will give me time to collect your questions and provide you with the support you may need.  Thank you to those of you who have shared your thoughts and concerns.  It is very helpful! 


We continue in hope and prayer as we move to the future.  I have personally visited each classroom to share with the kids that even if they are hearing of some changes for next year, that they do not need to worry.  I reminded them that the rest of this year will be the same great education that they are used to, and that the adults will take care of the rest.  Our staff focus is to ensure that students do not bear additional anxieties, and that they can focus on learning.  We will focus on finishing out this year with care, compassion, and excellence in learning. 


As always, I remain committed to each family at St. Benedict.  Please do contact me, I do enjoy hearing from you. 


In prayer and hope, 

Emily Hanlon,